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Website Development

Your Business Deserves an Excellent Website Design is the leading website design company for businesses in Canada. We have helped companies and businesses of all sizes construct functional and beautiful websites. When you need to create a website, you can depend on for all of the following services.

Website Development

There are several stages to website development. It starts when we talk with you to discuss what you want and need in a website for your business. From there, we begin writing code, applying color schemes and graphics, transforming a basic static page to a scrollable one, and create website content that is uniquely related to your business.

Web development is our area of expertise. You don't have to be a computer expert and create your own website. You just have to select and hire the right company for the job, and we'd love to be that company.

Claiming Your Domain

We can help you pick the perfect domain name for your project. Learn more about our domain consulting service here. When selecting a domain name you should attempt to choose a name that is close to the brand you want to market and is easy to pronounce and remember.

Hosting and Storage

You can't have a good website without proper hosting and storage. In fact, before we begin constructing your web project, we estimate the costs involved with creation and maintenance. You can think of hosting as maintenance of your site, and storage as the means of holding onto consumer and visitor information, as well as the coding and scripts for the website.

The ongoing hosting and maintenance expenses ensures that your website is available online and up to date. We can also offer a monthly maintenance plan to add any new changes to your website and insure it is working correctly. These services provided by us allow you to continue focusing on your daily operations, rather than the minutiae of keeping up a website. Anytime you need to make a change, let us know and we will complete it for you.

Foreign Languages

You may want to consider adding foreign languages to your website. Your site will be coded so that visitors have the opportunity to toggle between different languages. Guests may click to read your site in Chinese, Spanish, French, etc. This will help you draw more customers who are not native English speakers.

Encode and Insert Security Measures

Your business is selling a variety of products and services online. The last thing you want or need is for hackers to break into your site and steal information. When building a website, works to create, insert, and encode security measures that will protect your most valuable internet asset - your data. Additionally, we monitor and upgrade security as needed.

Manage and Handle Bugs

Websites may encounter bugs and glitches once in a while. It can hamper the functionality of your business and how your customers are able to order what they want. offers services that manage and fix bugs and glitches as they arise.

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